The global rail market size is about 809 million USD


Rail is the most important component of rail track system. The train will run on the parallel rails, carrying passengers and freight. Fixed on the sleepers, rails pass the load of trains to sleepers.

Rails generally described and specified by their weight per unit length. The minimum weight per meter of rail required depends on the maximum axle load of the trains that will run on the track. Generally, the heavier the rails and the rest of the track work, the heavier and faster the trains these tracks can carry.

Rails represent a substantial fraction of the cost of a railway line. Only a small number of rail sizes are made by steelworks at one time, so a railway must choose the nearest suitable size.

In recent years, the global rail market enjoyed a growth rate as high as 5% (production). Though the growth rate is considerable, the global revenue market of rail was in decrease trend as the price of steel was falling fast since 2012. While in 2016, the price of steel get a large increase and the global revenue market enjoy a growth rate as high as 15.54%. In 2022, the global rail production is predicted to be 16.7million MT with revenue market size of 809 million USD.


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